Curious Humans Series

The Stella Adler Studio of Acting and its West coast branch the Art of Acting studio is delighted to announce the development of the new Curious Human Series, four-week sessions for non-actors or beginners who are interested in acting and the arts.

Said Artistic Director Tom Oppenheim, “I have been deeply inspired by the transition to online actor-training. New online programs have already brought talented actors from around the world into the virtual classroom with master-level faculty with meaningful results. In addition to these rigorous programs, I’m pleased to announce the Curious Human series. My family devoted their lives to the theater but they were led by a higher purpose. The Adlers were deeply devoted to life-long education. They used the theater to cultivate an engaged and awakened citizenry. Curious Humans workshops are for people who revere theater art, education, spiritual and artistic growth. They are designed for people who have always wondered about acting, theater, theater art, ideas, plays, films, breath work, etc. It is my great joy to open this spirit and training for curious humans everywhere.”

Classes in currently development include:

  • Fundamentals of Acting
  • Voice & Speech
  • Improv for Non-Actors
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Poetry is a Physical Form

More information will be announced soon. Please email Ryan Chittaphong at with any questions or expressions of interest.