Elena Lozonschi

Elena is a Romanian actress, based in New York City. Some of her latest projects include the short movie musical American Dreamin’ and Moss at the Playwrights Theater as well as being the script supervisor for the feature film Flaky, released on Apple Tv+. As a musical theater alumna of NYFA class of 2018 and having a strong background in classical piano, Elena graduated from Stella Adler Acting Studio in 2023 fully equipped to excel in her career in the performing arts. With immense dedication to her craft and willingness to tackle challenging roles, Elena is building a career in Film & TV looking forward to continuing to grow as an artist and making a meaningful impact as a female performer in the entertainment industry. This airy Aquarius may seem laid-back, but with her ambitious nature and curiosity to explore, she fully embraces the motto if you can dream it, then you can achieve it.

email: elena.lozonschi02@gmail.com

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