John Zuccarelli

For John, it started as a young boy. Growing up, his parents, foreigners from Italy, worked vigorous hours to create a great life for him and provide. Left alone often, he was a kid with all the time in the world ahead of him. Eventually, he discovered cinema, and love, of the purest kind, was placed in his heart. Fast forward 20 years, now a young man, he finds himself in New York City at the Stella Adler Studio, joining within weeks of moving from South Florida. The difference now is that he has matured and gained experience, life experience. He is an adult who has truly felt what pain, joy, passion, sorrow, and loss are and what they can mean to someone. These experiences, that all human beings inevitably go through, he wants to share with others and uses acting as his vessel to do so.

slate from John Zuccarelli on Vimeo.

monologue from John Zuccarelli on Vimeo.