Kitty Lua

– kitty lua, [lu•a, the moon], is a ghanaian-american who was born and raised in bronx, ny. through countless detours, setbacks, and doubts, she has found her way back to theater and ultimately herself. in addition to her training at The Stella Adler Professional Conservatory, she is an alumna of The Black Arts Institute. as music is a large influence in her process she sings as well! she thanks all of her wonderful teachers who helped her to unveil the hidden pieces of herself & her family/ancestors for leaving her with something to give.

inspired by bell hooks, kitty works to embrace the humanity of her characters through a love ethic. kitty finds that her challenge as an actor is to bridge a connection between mind and soul exploring how that experience ripples through the body. she revels in the opportunity to connect soul to soul.

where will our souls meet?


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