Omar Javed

Omar Javed is a classically trained actor based in New York. Coming from a family of doctors, Omar was made to graduate early from high school and reluctantly attend medical school at the age of 16. Omar left at 18 and, riding the wave of desire to find truth in one’s calling, devoted himself indefatigably to the arts. He started writing poetry, eventually joining the Poetry Society of New York and reading at the New York City Poetry Festival as well as playing Classical Guitar. In the fall of 2019, he took several workshops at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting before joining the Professional Conservatory. At the Studio, he has extensively studied classical and contemporary theater, as well as on-camera work, and has taken on varying roles- ranging from the 5 year-old Little Earl in Found a Peanut, to Macbeth in the Tragedy of Macbeth.


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