Paddy Echlin

Paddy is an English actor based in NYC. Growing up in a large family in London, with its diverse and vibrant range of people and cultures, made him a keen observer of people and human interaction and set in motion his passion for acting.

From a young age, Paddy would compulsively but playfully impersonate family, friends and people he encountered in daily life. This habit of mimicry gave him huge insight into people’s idiosyncrasies and eccentricities and has proved highly impactful in his approach to interpreting and building characters for roles.

Paddy’s other interests are the outdoors – he loves sports, especially soccer and long-distance running, and travelling where he enjoys witnessing other cultural customs.

The experience of studying acting professionally in NYC for 3 years has further stimulated Paddy’s observational senses. This thriving metropolis in a new continent has been filled with characters and personalities beyond Paddy’s wildest imagination.


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