COVID-19 Vaccines Mandated for Fall Enrollment

July 19, 2021

COVID-19 vaccines will be mandated for all 3-Year Conservatory, Evening Conservatory students as well as all Workshop students for this upcoming 2021-22 season. By taking this step the Stella Adler Studio is joining over 400 fellow educational institutions around the US. We follow this path in effort to play our part in ushering in the day when full robust in-person engagement can happen safely at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and beyond. Accommodations are offered for religious and health reasons.

We at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting embrace the science of vaccines. A science that seems so strong when you look around the country and the world. We are currently seeing a surge in positivity rates precisely in the un-vaccinated community in large part due to the delta variant of COVID-19. I would like to take a moment to offer some facts about vaccinations and debunk some myths.

This infographic from the American Academy of Family Physicians debunks some of the myths surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.

This webpage from Medical News Today goes into more detail about how the vaccine was developed so quickly as well as the mRNA technology used.

This webpage from Johns Hopkins Medicine further debunks the myths surrounding the vaccine.

Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter. The Adler community has been exemplary in its response to COVID-19 from the very beginning and for this we are both proud and grateful.


Tom Oppenheim
Artistic Director

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