Student Testimonials

What the class of 2010 is saying about Adler:

“The best thing about this Studio is the emphasis on development as a person as well as an actor. (Instructors) have so much to teach and I have been able to experience all the truth of what they say. They are all very aware of our strengths and weaknesses.”

“One of the greatest pleasures about training at Adler is that I feel like the overall quality of my life is improving. I am more aware of my life …it’s just fantastic… what a blessing.”

“I adore the fact that (Adler) wants us to become involved in all aspects of art and surround ourselves with poetry, music, dance, and all forms of theatre and the like. They are tough here but it is crucial for me to grow.”

“(Adler) feels like home in only one or two weeks. The teachers are brilliant…I love that they encourage us to “be aware without judgment” and to break out with who we are as individuals. The technique works so well for me and I love that I carry it with me into every day life…Growth in theater being synonymous with growth in life really applies.”

“All of the classes inspire students to expand, improve and learn both as actors and human beings dealing with life and art. I adore my group. and the teaching is complete, not imposed but rather open to discussion.”

The class of 2009 feels that…

“The studio provides me with a nurturing and challenging atmosphere where I can learn and grow. The teachers are so invested in each person’s individual journey.”

“Adler provides fantastic instruction from experienced and knowledgeable staff and a community very conducive to creative work.”