Concert Series

David Oppenheim Concert Series

The David Oppenheim Concert Series presents jazz and classical music concerts that are free and open to the public. This center has a dual aim: presenting concerts that are accessible to the public and providing students and the surrounding community with an essential artistic experience. David Amram is the Honorary Chair of this program; Lawrence Gingold is the Head of the Classical Division and Ned Otter serves as the Head of Jazz Division.

“I learned more about myself as a person. I learned that art forms outside drama can help improve my acting, which I didn’t think before, and I also gained a greater appreciation of other art forms.”
– Alexandra, student
“I have truly enjoyed being the first David Oppenheim Musician-In-Residence at the Stella Adler School. This experience has been one that has reinvigorated my artistic goals, allowed me to reach out to other musicians, composers and collaborators and to present new works to an appreciative audience. Before my residency in August I developed several goals to direct my residency. I feel that many of these were achieved and that future collaborations will result from this experience. I look forward to more opportunities to perform at The Stella Adler School in the future.”
-Dr. Noah Getz, Musician-In-Residence 2008-2009

Participating Artists Include:

David Amram
Jan Bratoz
Boys Choir of Harlem
Jeffrey Chappell
Noah Getz
Laurence Gingold
Tilman Kanitz
Sonya Lee
Harold Mabern
Anna Moffo
Jamil S. Nasser
Jim Noyes
Ned Otter
Gideon Rubin
Karina Sabac
Yegor Shevtsov
Lora Tchekoratova
Walter J. Turnbull
Georgy Valtchev