Three Sisters

Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov
Translated by Paul Schmidt

Directed by Tom Oppenheim

February 5 – 15, 2015
Studio Theatre B

Martín Bacigalupo (Conservatory ’12)
Eddis Brown
Fakeer (Evening Conservatory ’05)
Michael Grenham (NYU ’00)
Christa Kimlicko Jones
Peter McElligott (NYU ’08)
Michael Milligan
Ricky Philippi (Conservatory ’14)
Laura Piccoli (NYU ’13)
Georgi Richardson (Evening Conservatory ’12)
Mikel Rowe
Kenneth Ryan
Doug Sheppard
Evelyn Spahr (NYU ’12)
Angela Vitale

Director: Tom Oppenheim
Co-Director: Steve Cook
Rehearsal Assistant: Mickaela Tombrock and Katie Frank
Scenic Designer: Tyler Perry
Projection/Video Designer/Engineer: Andressa Furletti
Costume Designer: Sherry Martinez
Sound Designer: Robert Gonyo
Prop Master: Addison Heeren
Lighting Designer/Production Manager: Libby Jensen
Technical Director: Steven Brenman
Master Electrician: Gifford Williams
Producer: Steve White
Dir. of Cultural Programming: Nina Capelli