Colin Greer

Dr. Colin Greer has been the President of The New World Foundation since 1985. Formerly, he was a Professor at Brooklyn College, CUNY. He is the author (with Herbert Kohl) of The Plain Truth of Things and A Call to Character. Other books include: What Nixon is doing to Us; The Solution is Part of the Problem; After Reagan What?; and The Divided Society. He is best known for The Great School Legend and Choosing Equality: The Case for Democratic Schooling (which won the American Library Association’s Eli M. Oboler Intellectual Freedom Award). He was a founding editor of Change Magazine and Social Policy Magazine. He is a contributing editor to Parade Magazine. Dr. Greer participated in and directed several studies of US Immigration and urban schooling policy and history (at Columbia University and CUNY). He wrote briefing papers on philanthropy and government for First Lady, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, and on education policy for Senator Paul Wellstone. He chaired the President’s White House Fellows Program (1992-4) and chaired the Funders Committee for Citizen Participation (for 10 years). He currently chairs The LARK Theater Company (NYC), and Culture Project (NYC). He serves on the Boards of the Center for Social Inclusion, The Opportunity Agenda, the Teachers and Writers Collaborative (NYC), New York City Interfaith Center, Tikkun Magazine (California), openDemocracyUSA (US/UK), and the American Institute for Mental Imagery. Colin Greer also writes poetry, plays and non-fiction, and now also writes a blog on this website.

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