Misty Rowe

Mistella “Misty” Rowe (June 1, 1952) is an American actress. She is best known for portraying the perky lisping blonde on the American television series “Hee Haw” for 19 years, often appearing as Junior Samples’ assistant during used car comedy segments. Rowe starred in the 1978 “Hee Haw” spin-off “Hee Haw Honeys”, cast with then-newcomer Kathie Lee Gifford (then known as Kathie Lee Johnson) as the singing daughters of Country music nightclub owners portrayed by Lulu Roman and Kenny Price.
On television, Rowe portrayed the carhop Wendy in early episodes of the sitcom “Happy Days”, and Maid Marian in the Mel Brooks-produced “When Things Were Rotten”. Rowe’s additional television appearances include several episodes of “Fantasy Island” and “The Love Boat”, and portraying a Country music singer on “Airwolf”. In films, Rowe has twice portrayed Marilyn Monroe, in Goodbye, Norma Jean and Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn. Her other film credits include The Hitchhikers, Loose Shoes, The Man with Bogart’s Face, National Lampoon’s Class Reunion, and Meatballs Part II.
Rowe’s stage credits include appearing as Patsy Cline in the off-Broadway musical Always…Patsy Cline, and the Atlantic City production Misty Christmas, Finally a Fruitcake You’ll Like! In 2010, Rowe appeared in the self-written off-Broadway musical Fandance: The Legend of Sally Rand.

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