Refund/Credit Policy

Please Read Carefully

In order to be considered “registered,” the prospective student must be interviewed and/or auditioned for whatever program or workshop(s) he/she is interested in and must pay the complete tuition cost for that program. Checks returned due to non-payment are subject to a twenty-five dollar fee.

Students who wish to withdraw from the Stella Adler Studio for any reason must submit a written notice to the Artistic Director. The official date of withdrawal will be the date the Artistic Director receives the notice. Students dismissed from the Studio receive the appropriate refund or credit corresponding to the date of dismissal. Please note that application fees ($25-$65) and deposits (conservatory- $500, programs- $250, workshops- $200) are non-refundable.

Withdrawal before classes commence: 100% refund less deposit
During the first week of classes: 75% refund less deposit
During the second week of classes: 50% refund less deposit
During the third week of classes: 25% refund less deposit
There are no refunds after the third week of classes.

There are no cash refunds after classes commence. Any student who withdraws after this time will be issued a transferable credit good for up to one year.
Withdrawal before classes commence 100% refund less deposit
During the first week of classes 75% credit less deposit
During the second week of classes 50% credit less deposit
There are no credits after the second week of classes.

Workshops lasting five weeks or less must be paid in full at the time of registration. Any student who withdraws before classes commence is entitled to a class deferral good for up to one year. Once classes commence there are no refunds or deferrals issued.

No student can participate in the Weekend Introductory Program, Evening Introductory Program, or any workshop if he or she will not be in attendance during the first week of classes. ANY student missing more than 1 week of classes will be dismissed from the program or workshop he or she has registered for.


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