Chloe Champken

As Sting once said, ‘I’m an English (wo)man in New York’. Born in England, Chloe was inspired by her love of reading, and storytelling quickly became her passion. Encouraged by performative Grandparents from a young age, Chloe enjoyed creating plays complete with scenes, songs, and dance routines. This developed her love for theatre. After having to decide between a career in sports or acting, Chloe went on to study Musical Theatre in London. From the age of 19 Chloe lived in South East London, perfected her Cockney slang and worked in markets and hospitality to support herself while studying. Then at 23, Chloe decided that she needed to enrich her acting and began studying at the Stella Adler Studio. Alongside acting, Chloe has found a love for Playwriting and Directing. She still thoroughly enjoys sports, especially English football although American football is growing on her, Hook’em Horns!

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