Claire Jooyoung Bae

Claire Jooyoung Bae is a Korean-American actor and aspiring producer. Born in Seoul, South Korea; raised in the Bay Area, California and currently based in New York City.
I knew I wanted to act the moment I saw Brenda Song (who my mom convinced me was Korean) on Disney Channel at 5 years old. I was mesmerized by this “Korean” girl expressing herself in ways I had never felt allowed to. 12 years later, Sandra Oh’s captivating presence on Grey’s Anatomy thrust me into my first play.
I want to tell stories where Asians can take up space on the stage/screen without having to be “crazy rich” or “everything everywhere all at once”.
I love hanging at the local jazz bar, watching the musicians riff off each other. I think there’s a lot to learn about acting and creation there…
Current favorite song: “In Your Arms” by Baby Rose.

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