Colin Trevor

Colin Trevor is an emerging actor and deviser returning to his hometown of Brooklyn.

Colin earned his B.A. in Theatre at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by his semester at the Moscow Art Theatre, he wrote his thesis on applying Stanislavski’s acting technique to Absurdism. Colin worked the indie theatre circuit in the Pacific Northwest, including several seasons at the Original Practice Shakespeare Festival. Recent credits include The Memory of Water (Frank), Hedda Gabler (Tesman), and Hamlet (Claudius).

Colin has been devouring books since reading his first word (“coffee”). His favorite read, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, has remained unchallenged for as long as he can remember. Colin has been boxing since 2015, where he found a passion for coaching. His dreams outside of acting include appearing on Jeopardy, creating a crossword for the New York Times, and winning a Smash Bros tournament with his main, Little Mac.

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