“The partnership between the Stella Adler Center for the Arts and Phoenix House symbolizes a beacon of hope for many. It signifies the possibility of a future where lives aren’t lost to the grip of addiction, where communities embrace the growth and well-being of every individual. Through this partnership, lives can be transformed, and hope can be realized by all who are touched by its impact.” – Suzy PetchEam, Program Director

Welcome to our Partnerships Page, where we celebrate collaborations that make a difference. We’re excited to spotlight our partnership with Phoenix House, a shared commitment to empowerment and transformation.

About the Artistic Life Skills Class

Together with Phoenix House, we offer the Artistic Life Skills Class, a journey of self-discovery and growth. Through ensemble building, storytelling, movement, improvisation, and acting techniques, we empower individuals to find their voices, build confidence, and develop essential life skills.

Program Overview

Led by our passionate instructor, Suzy PetchEam, the Artistic Life Skills Class spans 12 weeks of immersive exploration. Each session, held weekly from 7 pm to 9 pm, is a safe space for participants to engage in activities that enhance communication, teamwork, creative expression, and emotional well-being.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Physical and Vocal Warm-Ups: Grounding exercises to foster community and prepare for expressive communication.
  • Effective Communication: Techniques to enhance personal and professional interactions.
  • Ensemble Building: Group exercises cultivating a supportive and connected dynamic.
  • Improvisation and Creativity: Exploration of imagination and confidence-building.
  • Storytelling and Playwriting: Sharing experiences through various mediums for empowerment and catharsis.

Instructor and Special Guests

Suzy PetchEam leads our program with expertise and passion. Additionally, we’re honored to welcome special guests like board member and actor Arjun Gupta, renowned for his roles in “Nurse Jackie” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” who provide invaluable mentorship and inspiration.

Outcomes and Impact

The Artistic Life Skills Class aims to foster improved communication, self-confidence, and teamwork, empowering participants to thrive in all aspects of their lives. We believe in the transformative power of artistic expression to create lasting change and forge connections.

Get Involved:

Our partnership with Phoenix House is a testament to our shared vision of empowerment through creativity. Together, we’re making a meaningful impact in the lives of our participants. We invite you to join us on this journey of growth and transformation. To find out more about how you can get involved and support this program, please email

Thank you for believing in our mission, supporting this partnership, and believing in the transformative power of theater!