Musical Theater Winter Immersion

Duration: 2 WEEKS, 32 Hours of Class per Week
Date: January 6 – 17, 2020
Tuition: $1500
Audition Required

The Musical Theater Winter Immersion is an effective two-week training program that prepares actors for the 2020 Summer Stock Audition Circuit and upcoming professional auditions. After two week’s time, students develop potent audition material unique to their style and ability, while sharpening both their interpretive skills as well as their ability to absorb and perform material more efficiently in the Summer Stock routine.

Actors will also receive classwork in the studio’s acting technique, musical theater scene interpretation and performance, voice and speech training, movement for the actor, audition skills and strategies, ensemble performance, and business acumen in the industry prep class. The program also includes a Master Class with a current Broadway professional as well as a final presentation open to friends and industry professionals alike.

By the end of the Musical Theater Winter Immersion, actors leave well equipped with material, ability, and resources to pursue jobs in the 2020 Summer Stock Season and beyond. Best of all, the Stella Adler Musical Theater Graduate becomes a rarity in the job market: a successful singing actor adept at interpretation as well as performance.


Musical Interpretation and Performance (6 Hours)
Audition Skills and Strategies (6 Hours)
Industry Preparation (6 Hours)
Ensemble Performance (4 Hours)
Acting Technique (4 hours)
Movement for the Actor (3 Hours)
Voice & Speech (3 Hours)

BD Wong (Tony Winner)
Julia Murney (Wicked)


Admission to the Musical Theater Winter Immersion is by audition. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Student visas for international study are not available for this program at this time.

1. Click Here to Submit the Online Application Form.
2. Login info will be emailed to you after submission. Login to ADLERnet to upload your Headshot and Resume.
3. Once submitted, please then submit your video audition using the Video Audition Form. Video auditions must include accompaniment either live or pre-recorded. A cappella auditions will not be accepted.
1. A performance of two contrasting musical selections that should be no longer than 60 seconds each. Here are a couple examples of how to contrast your two pieces:
__a) one musical standard, one contemporary
__b) one up-tempo, one ballad
2. A performance of one monologue no longer than 60 seconds in length (contemporary or classical).

NYC in-person auditions have already completed. However, Video auditions are still being accepted and can be submitted through the Video Audition Submission Form. Video auditions must include accompaniment either live or pre-recorded. A cappella auditions will not be accepted.