The Whale

The Whale
By Samuel D. Hunter
Directed by Luis-Daniel Morales
November 14-30 2018
Studio Theater B

Charley weighs in at 600 pounds and he won’t stop eating. He refuses medical intervention, spiritual intervention and the advice of desperate friends. Before he dies will he find something worth living for or is this the end? Could it be his enraged teenage daughter who is furious with him? He faces an impassioned missionary, an acerbic nurse, and his ex-wife ready for confrontation. Can Charley save himself or is he resigned to die a slow death in the middle of America?

Creative Team
Scenic Designer: Matt Iacozza
Costume Designer: Hunter Dowell
Lighting Designer: Romo Hallahan
Sound Designer: Robert A.K. Gonyo
Stage Manager: Sam Potochick
Additional Costume Designs by Hayley Zimmerman

Mike Grenham (Charlie)
Elizabeth Savage (Liz)
Justin Phillips (Elder Thomas)
Ayse Babahan (Ellie)
Christa Kimlicko Jones* (Mary)

Production Staff
Artistic Director: Tom Oppenheim
Supervising Producer: J. Steven White
Director of Cultural Programming: Nina Capelli
Director of Marketing: Ryan Chittaphong
Production Manager: Libby Jensen
Technical Director: Steven Brenman
Prop Master: Addison Heeren
Master Electrician: Romo Hallahan
Head House Manager: Addie Guidry
Graphic Designer: Ryan Belock

*Members of Actors Equity Association. This is an Equity Approved Showcase