Alessandro Yokoyama

Alessandro Yokoyama brings meticulous preparation, an undying hunger for truth, a fervent passion for storytelling, and a playful yet fearless commitment to his characters. A graduate of the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City, Alessandro has enchanted audiences in a range of roles, from Shakespearean tragedies to modern-day classics. His portrayal of Othello in the eponymous Shakespearean play, directed by Tom Oppenheim, was lauded as “beautifully human, bold, moving, and breathtaking.”

Beyond the stage, Alessandro has appeared in various independent films and television series, both in Italian and English, showcasing his versatility and depth in every performance. Offstage, he enjoys playing Chopin on his piano, going on runs, and is currently trying to learn Japanese. Based in NYC, Alessandro continues to seek challenging roles that express people’s inner turmoil and paradoxical nature, believing in the power of acting to connect, heal, and inspire.