New Video Released Celebrating the Stella Adler Studio Community

As part of the 75th Anniversary, the studio has released a brand new video to celebrate this special community! Over 200 faculty, students and staff from both coasts representing all programs participated in this video series. This first video is the largest in a series of content to be rolled out over the next year. It gives an overview of the studio’s mission, history, campuses, programming and community while highlighting what makes this place so remarkable… the people!

Artistic Director Tom Oppenheim states: “What I love about our video is that it reflects so many things that are crucial and vital to the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NY and the Art of Acting Studio in LA. For example our rigor, our sense of a theater of higher meaning and purpose, actors empowered with art and craft, our mission’s ancient roots and brand new branches. This video portents good things for Adler East and West! I see great things coming! Here’s to 75 years more! Hello 2099!!!”

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Pre-Order 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Adler Apparel

The Stella Adler Studio is excited to share a limited-edition collection of exclusive 75th Anniversary merchandise! Explore this stylish apparel collection featuring hoodies, zip-ups, t-shirts, baseball caps, and more. Now available for pre-order, help us celebrate 75 years of history and embrace the legacy of our beloved Stella Adler Studio with these limited-edition pieces.


We invite our beloved community of students, alumni, faculty, staff, participating artists and returning audience members to be part of this historic celebration! Grab your favorites now before they’re gone.

Merchandise will be on pre-sale only until 11: 59 PM on April 14th. Items will be ordered on April 15th with pickup available at the Stella Adler Studio in early May. No Shipping Options, must be picked up at 65 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10006.

Black 75th Anniversary T-Shirt – $20.00

75th Anniversary Navy Pullover Hoodie – $30.00

75th Anniversary Red Zipper Hoodie – $35.00

Black Embroidered Adler Baseball Cap – $35.00

75th Anniversary Red Silicone Wristband – $5.00


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Studio Launches the Theater to Uplift! Summer Tour program

Students perform in the NYU Year 4 Company Tour 2023 production of Twelfth Night

The Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York is thrilled to announce a brand new Summer Intensive has been added to their 2024 summer programming: the Theater to Uplift! Summer Tour. This one-of-a-kind summer touring production and training program offers students a combination of performance skills and community experiences that are central to the Stella Adler Studio’s vision for actor training.

Inspired by the Studio’s NYU Tisch Year 4 curriculum, Theater to Uplift! will bring students through rehearsals and performances of an 80- to 90-minute cut of a Shakespeare play that will be performed at the Stella Adler Studio and then sent out on tour across New York City to non-conventional performance venues. These may include public schools, community centers, outdoor parks, elder care facilities, drug and alcohol recovery centers, and Rikers Island Correctional Facility.

Actors will learn to apply their technique to a rigorous rehearsal process of a Shakespeare play, with 17 hours a week of rehearsal supplemented by input from world-class faculty. The four-week run of performances will also include weekly 3-hour masterclasses on varying topics.

Actors will learn how to adapt their performance to a black box theater and varying non-conventional spaces to perform for the public. The bare-bones nature of the production will sharpen each actor’s focus on technique, character, and storytelling.

Finally, actors will engage with the audience in a Q&A conversation, representing themselves, the production, the Stella Adler Studio, and the theater itself not merely as entertainment but also as a vital branch of the education and edification of humanity.

Theater to Uplift! is perfect for actors with previous training who wish to gain experience in classical performance and believe that theater has, at its heart, an educational mission.

Dates: June 10 – August 2, 2024
Duration: 8 Weeks, 17 Hours of Class/Rehearsal per week
Rehearsal for the first 4 weeks / Performances last 4 weeks (plus a master class each week)
Tuition: $2,995
Audition: One Shakespeare Monologue
Application Deadline: March 15, 2024


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Stella Adler Studio Celebrates 75th Anniversary in 2024

In 2024, the Stella Adler Studio of Acting proudly celebrates its 75th Anniversary, commemorating a legacy of inspiring generations of actors dedicated to the pursuit of artistic excellence and uplifting humanity.

Founded in 1949 by the legendary Stella Adler after a life on the New York stage and a transformative encounter with Russian acting guru Constantine Stanislavsky, the Studio began with a single class taught to an elite group of aspiring artists. Early students included Marlon Brando, Jerome Robbins, Elaine Stritch, and Alvin Ailey. Stella Adler later trained luminaries such as Robert De Niro, Benicio del Toro, Donna Murphy, Kate Mulgrew, and more.

Shortly after Stella Adler’s death in 1992, her grandson, Tom Oppenheim, assumed the role of Artistic Director. Under his leadership, the conservatory as well as a plethora of new curricular programs he put forth which include both short-term workshops and more rigorous intensives, maintained world-class standards, producing notable artists and award-winners like Arjun Gupta, Caitlyn Fitzgerald, Nik Walker, Lauren Patten, Katherine Waterston, Chloe Fineman and many more. He also added elements that serve society like the Art Series, offering free concerts, theater, dance, and lectures, and the Stella Adler Arts Justice Division. Arts Justice is a free theater program with a large footprint across New York City that provides transformative educational experiences to New York’s most severely underserved citizens, those impacted by poverty and who are justice-involved.

Artistic Director Tom Oppenheim reflects on the Studio’s roots, “The spirit with which this institution was founded, forged in the crucible of tough times, of pogroms and economic depressions, of world wars and artistic repressions, remains forward-looking, outward-gazing, and other-oriented.” He notes, “Stella Adler’s techniques embody a profound spiritual health, alive and thriving to this day. We don’t know what the next 75 years will bring. What we do know is that we will be fighting for the spirit of life that has animated us for these past 75 years – the pursuit of which has produced so much creativity and joy in the face of life’s many challenges.”

In the past 75 years, the studio has grown into a full-fledged cultural center with not only a globally-esteemed professional training conservatory, but also highly innovative community elements that invite all New Yorkers to participate in a vital, American theater tradition. While the studio is well-known for its conservatory, an essential part of its work and mission in recent years has been democratizing access to the arts through free programs that prioritize access. Today the studio serves nearly 10,000 students and audience members annually.

As part of this milestone year, the Studio is unveiling a refreshed visual identity, symbolizing its evolution and commitment to inclusivity. The new logo, designed by Graphic Designer Casey Morris, reflects the Studio’s growth and expansion since the prior logo’s creation in 2001. The rebrand aims to unify the New York and Los Angeles studios, as well as to elevate the Stella Adler Center for the Arts at 65 Broadway, the artistic home of tuition-based programs (the Studio of Acting), the Arts Justice Division, and diverse cultural programming branches that annually serve nearly 10,000 students and audience members.

Visit this link to learn more about the development of the new logo and branding process for the Studio.

More 75th Anniversary events and programming will be announced shortly.

About the Stella Adler Studio of Acting
The Stella Adler Studio of Acting is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that nurtures theatre artists and audiences who value humanity, while providing art and education to the greater community. In addition to a world-renowned professional conservatory, the Studio offers multiple free programs that provide transformative educational experiences to New York’s most underserved citizens, like those impacted by poverty and who are justice-involved.

Established in 1949 by Stella Adler, the Stella Adler Studio of Acting was founded upon Adler’s belief in the supreme seriousness of her art, and has, for the last seven and a half decades, enriched every part of the American theater and film arts. Adler’s philosophies kept many well-known members of the theater coming back for her intelligent and passionate advice and the school has since trained many of the brilliant actors of our time. The Stella Adler Studio of Acting is a not- for-profit organization, which trains over 500 actors annually and also presents world-class lectures, poetry readings, jazz, classical music, theater, and dance theater events. Since 2009, the studio has been training actors in Los Angeles at the Art of Acting Studio.

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New Logo and Branding Unveiled for 75th Anniversary

As part of the milestone 75th anniversary year, the Stella Adler Studio of Acting is launching a refreshed visual identity to help communicate its mission, uniting its world-class programs and inviting new voices into the community.

The Studio has experienced significant growth and expansion since the prior logo was designed in 2001. Graphic Designer Casey Morris states, “With this rebrand, we aim to build more unity between our New York and Los Angeles studios, as well as our evolving cultural center at 65 Broadway, the Stella Adler Center for the Arts.”

She adds, “The design choices were made to reinforce our humanity-focused mission and the Studio’s core beliefs. We want to actively invite in our community, conveying that we value excellence without exclusivity, rigor without rigidity, and transformational art and culture for anyone and everyone.” The Stella Adler Center for the Arts is home to the Studio’s tuition-based offerings, the Arts Justice Division’s free educational experiences for severely underserved populations, and nine distinct branches of diverse cultural programming. To create a brand identity for both studios and the Center that complements this vast range of programs, the uptown-meets-downtown energy of New York was a perfect starting point to visually capture the spirit of the entire organization.

  • From architectural landmarks to hand-painted storefront signs, the look and feel of the brand evolved from an eclectic collection of imagery. The attempt was to create a timeless identity by making it “time-filled,” with visual connections to key points and influences in the Studio’s history, including:
  • Ancient Greece & Rome, where the Studio acting tradition finds its roots,
  • The Yiddish Theater, which Jacob Adler helped establish in America,
  • Early 20th-century Manhattan, where Stella Adler and Harold Clurman refined their craft and found their artistry,
  • And present-day New York and Los Angeles, and the thousands of unique stories that pass through the Studio’s hallways each year.

Design elements were carefully chosen to enhance the brand’s personality without losing recognizability. The redesigned logo was created with the Trajan Sans typeface, a sans-serif counterpart to the prior logo’s Trajan. The font was chosen for a fresh take on historic lettering styles, to connect the brand’s time-filled influences while maintaining a modern feel. The new type suite also includes bold weights of Futura, an early 20th-century typeface that has become timeless itself, and Specter, a contemporary sans-serif inspired by the same era. These typography guidelines will connect the Studio with every branch of the Center for the Arts.

The new color scheme keeps the Studio’s signature “Adler Red” at the center, a passionate and warm color strongly associated with the brand. Additional accent colors include warm analogous tones and cool neutral shades, evoking both West Coast sunsets and East Coast industrial architecture. The broad color palette will support a variety of poster imagery for the Studio’s Professional Conservatory productions and many other live events at the Center for the Arts.

At the center of the visual identity is an overlapping-A emblem. Combining two A’s into one creates symmetry in the Stella/Adler logo and ties “Art of Acting” into the brand. The image of one A collapsing as another rises out of it evokes the transformations experienced by students, audience members, and participating artists. The shape also hints at a guiding star, symbolizing progress towards a unifying mission (“Stella” is also Latin for “star”). This symbol will be shared between the two acting studios (Stella Adler Studio and Art of Acting Studio) and the Stella Adler Center for the Arts.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new logo as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the Stella Adler Studio and Art of Acting Studio joint brand” said Director of Marketing Ryan Chittaphong. “This new branding reflects our dedication to providing exceptional artistic excellence while embracing the evolving needs of our community and digital landscape.” The new logo will be gradually rolled out across all of the Studio’s materials, including its website, social media profiles, and marketing materials. The Studio invites its students, alumni, and the community at large to join in celebrating this exciting milestone to kick off the anniversary year.

Stay tuned for additional 75th Anniversary events and programming announcements.

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2024 Audition Tour: Australia, Chicago, San Fransisco, London, Mexico and more!

The Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York and Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles have announced the 2024 Audition Tour. Prospective applicants may audition for programs including the Professional Conservatory programs and any of the Summer Intensives. Through the audition tour, the studio is seeking to connect with the most gifted, ambitious actors who have an appetite for rigorous training and an interest in studying acting in New York or Los Angeles.

The US tour will begin in late January making stops in Chicago (Jan 30-Feb 1 at the Radisson Blu) and San Francisco (Feb 3-4 at ACT) before heading to several KCACTF College Festivals throughout the country and finishing at the Southeastern Theatre Conference (Mobile, AL: March 14-16). In addition, the studio will be in attendance at URTA Auditions as well as virtually at the Strawhat Auditions. Auditions can also be scheduled by appointment at the Stella Adler Studio in New York and Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles on the designated audition days of January 16-17, 2024.

The studio will once again be traveling overseas to Australia this January to hold auditions in Sydney (Jan 12-13 at Screenwise) and Melbourne (Jan 14 at Melbourne Theatre Company). In March, the studio travels to Mexico City (March 9-10 at La Teatreria) and then finally London, England (March 22-23 at Seven Dials Playhouse) for the final audition tour stop.

For information visit the Audition Tour Page:
Scheduling an audition: Email Ryan Chittaphong at

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Studio Launches Young Artists Conservatory for Child Actors Ages 11-13 in New York

Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York is thrilled to announce it will be offering for the first time ever in-person classes to child actors ages 11-13 in the newly formed Young Artists Conservatory held on Saturdays in Spring 2024.

The greatest way to unlock and activate the wisdom of childhood is through play. And play most naturally and organically builds the muscles best suited for spiritual health and mature interactivity and engagement with the world. Theater at its core has been described as organized play, utilizing at one and the same time form and freedom, discipline and improvisation. 

“Through the years, I have learned that there is a need for young creatives to engage and grow with like-minded young people,” says Program Director Christa Kimlicko Jones. “Establishing core training at this age not only nurtures the creative sense of play, but also harnesses it in a way that builds for a stronger understanding of humanity as well as providing stepping stones to further exploration.”

The Young Artists Conservatory will take place at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan on Saturdays from 1pm-5pm for six weeks starting on February 17th. This intensive is structured to suit both the emerging and professional young actor, and is designed to introduce the acting technique developed by Stella Adler. Topics covered will include acting technique, improvisation, scene study, voice and movement. The conservatory is designed to be ongoing and repeated if desired.

Artistic Director Tom Oppenheim states, “As the father of an 11 year old I find myself increasingly enchanted and impressed by the human instinct to play. I’ve come to see children in the age range of 11-13 as much more than mere children. I see them as model humans who think deeply and understand much about how to play deeply. Our Young Artists Conservatory grows out of our desire to help nurture this wisdom and harness that energy.”

For information on our Young Artists Conservatory, please visit or email Director of Young Artist and Teen Programs, Christa Kimlicko Jones at

In addition to the onsite Young Artists Conservatory, the studio will continue to offer its popular online Young Artists Workshop help remotely via Zoom on weekends no matter where they are located in the world. Online acting classes for kids can be found at

As with all of the studio’s programs, the Young Artists Conservatory and Workshop programs are informed by the insight that growth as an actor and growth as a human being are synonymous. Young people are therefore acquainted not only with core elements of actor training but with the artistic, cultural and humanistic values that support a life in the theater.

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Studio launches new way to donate through Venmo

Announcement graphic for the Stella Adler Studio Venmo Account

The Stella Adler Studio has announced a brand new Venmo account, @stellaadlerstudio, making it even easier to donate to its charitable programming. The Venmo account launched on October 23rd with a Fall Pop-Up fundraiser — all about emphasizing the incredible impact that everyday purchases can have when directed towards our worthy mission. Every dollar counts, and we believe that even the smallest donations can make a significant impact. Our goal for this fundraiser is to reach $2,500, and we’re confident that with your help, we can achieve it! Your contributions can directly help us accomplish: one additional Adler Youth Scholarship, two additional LED lights for our theater spaces, and ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder our students’ education. Find us on Venmo @stellaadlerstudio and help us make a difference!

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Stella Adler Center for the Arts Fall Festival

The Stella Adler Center for the Arts is presenting a series of diverse cultural programming this fall:

September 11th & 18th, 2023:
S.O.S. Calling All Black People: the Black Arts Movement
a two-part lecture with Sonia Sanchez and James Edward Smethurst
From Artistic Director Tom Oppenheim: This two-part lecture with Sonia Sanchez and James Smethurst about the Black Arts Movement is based on the book they co-edited along with the late great John H. Bracy entitled SOS-Calling All Black People: A Black Arts Movement Reader. This book has played a major role in the life and evolution of the Studio. It inspired what was originally going to be an August Wilson Summer Intensive to become the Black Arts Institute, offered in partnership with the Billie Holiday Theater since 2018.
Via Zoom | Free and Open to the Public
Learn More & Register

September 15th-30th, 2023:
HCLAB presents The Cherry Orchard
by Anton Chekhov  |  Translation by Paul Schmidt
Directed by Tom Oppenheim
Featuring: Raz Ayer*, Mary Cavett*, Ryan Chittaphong*, Trey Cruz, Michael Grenham, Annie Hartkemeyer*, Ian Hersey*, Nuha Jes, Christa Kimlicko Jones*, Steve Maurice Jones*, Pete McElligott, Alex Purcell*, Danielle Kendler-Rhodes, J. Steven White
* Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association
When Liubov returns to her country estate, she finds old friends and the comfort of familiarity but also old wounds. As she struggles to understand the impending loss of the estate and make sense of the broken lines in her life story, some of those around her are finding ways not only to move on, but to thrive. The Cherry Orchard asks universal questions about the human experience. Can we ever go back to the past? How can we move forward when we feel broken? What is it that propels us toward progress even against all odds?
Tickets $25-$45 with pay-what-you-can tix at the door
Get Tickets

September 19th, 2023:
The David Oppenheim Music Center presents: Fred Johnson, vocals and percussion
Hasan Bakr, percussion  |  Victor See Yuen, percussion
Frederick Johnson is an international performer who has spent the past 35 years presenting concerts and seminars on the power of creative expression as a tool for personal well-being and healing. He is an accomplished vocalist and percussionist and is recognized internationally as one of the world’s greatest vocal jazz improvisers. He has also been honored as one of the world’s most passionate and versed chanters of sacred text. Frederick has been involved in the development of global programs in America, Europe and the Middle East, bringing people together from diverse spiritual and cultural backgrounds to create artistic forums for learning, sharing, reconciliation, vision and hope.
7:00 pm at the Center | Free and Open to the Public

October 2nd, 2023:
The Arts Justice Division presents a conversation on Rikers: An Oral History
with authors Reuven Blau and Graham A. Rayman
and participating artists LaTanya Jones, Lisette Bamanga, Joanne Edelmann and Suzy PetchEam
Graham Rayman is a journalist who writes mainly about criminal justice and policing. He has won multiple journalism prizes over his thirty-year career. He has worked at The New York Daily News and before that The Village Voice, Newsday, and New York Newsday. He is the author of The NYPD Tapes.
Reuven Blau is a senior reporter at The City. He has previously worked at the New York Daily News, the New York Post, and the Chief-Leader. He is known as the dean of Rikers reporters.
7pm at the Center | Free and Open to the Public

    Stella Adler Center for the Arts
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    Jamie Linn Watson (’17) in ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ on FX/Hulu

    Jamie Linn Watson (Class of 2017) guest stars as the hilariously oblivious Staten Island Reporter Joanna Roscoe in the latest episode of ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ on FX and streaming on Hulu!

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